My 15+ years experience in the private and public sector has seen me work across a diverse range of industries such as transport, education, social services, construction and telecommunications.


I have a broad range of commercial experience including positions at KPMG London, Deloitte Sydney and Tokyo, using design to approach change, operational and 'customer' projects. I have worked with leading global brands such as Sony, VW and Microsoft and marketing agencies including Jack Morton Worldwide. 


Whilst my position at the University of Technology, Sydney allowed me to tackle many social issues via cross- Government collaboration, areas include homelessness, alcohol-related violence, multi-cultural discord in a human-centered manner. It is here I found my passion for social design with place-based, systems-focused, and human-centred approaches to achieve public value. 


I have spent time as a tertiary teacher in design for social impact, previously a board member for the UN Association of Australia Young Professionals, as a speaker at international design and crime conferences, participated in the Japan Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship WISE fellowship, an RSA Fellow and have exhibited at design and cultural festivals including, Vivid Sydney, Taipei Design Week and Hong Kong Social Innovation Festival. 


I continue to seek new opportunities to create a positive influence to realise our collective ambitions for people and planet shaped outcomes, via the collaboration of Government, Private and Civic spheres. 

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I believe in the power of design to effect change across organisations, governments and nations. Design as a process and as an outcome for innovation. I seek to connect people across all levels of society to align values, uncover common goals to achieve positive social impact. 

Design thinking, human-centered design, strategy development and implementation, service and experience design, citizen co-design, facilitation of multi-stakeholder approaches for social impact. 



  • BA Design (Visual Communications)

  • MA Design (Experience Design)


Previous work includes: 

  • Ministry of Justice, UK 

  • NSW State Government, Australia

  • NSW Counter-terrorism and Special Tactics 

  • City of Sydney

  • City of Newcastle

  • Various LGAs - NSW, Australia



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