Design-led youth changemakers

 in conjunction with
John O'Callaghan

In 2014 after some deep and meaningful coffee catch ups with strategic place maker John O’Callaghan and I discussed the following:


How can design contribute to empowering and connecting youth change makers across the City (of Sydney) ?


A program was designed and piloted in Sydney Secondary schools that used design to empower youth to create social change in their community. It aimed to create a network of youth change makers across Sydney, using cross-class, cross-school and cross-city collaboration.


The first round iteration was then launched at Vivid Ideas Festival to be co-created and further developed with youth and education experts. This was then piloted at Blacktown High in conjunction with North Sydney Boys High and further refined with feedback from the school students themselves. 


Using design thinking methods, maker methods and creative place-making - these hands-on and interactive two-hour workshops acted as a catalyst for further exploration by the school students with their school and community to explore the idea of 'what is a change-maker' and how themselves or their ideas enhance their communities. 


Our Project Mentors during the process were: 


Jake Formossa - Youth Action NSW 

Summer Howarth - AITYSL (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership)



  • The workshop program was later re-developed for use within the Youth Action NSW working practices for youth engagement.


  • Presented at Vivid Ideas Festival 2014 – By Melanie Rayment and John O’Callaghan

  • Presented at Emerging Practices, Design Research and Education Conference, Shanghai 2014


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