Are you a public sector, third sector or other organisation wanting to deliver greater outcomes for citizens?


Do you need to change the way your organisation works together or organises itself to deliver these outcomes?  




What is social design?


Design thinking is about sense-making and change making, it's about adding value, making improvements and finding solutions to enhance people's lives, improve our world and protect our planet. Applying the principles of design, with others in a transdisciplinary approach to protect public goods and improve outcomes for citizens. 


It can take form in the sense of the process itself and the outputs. Whether it's involving citizens in co-designing outcomes for themselves, helping organisations across a sector to positively re-frame the challenges and work collectively for place-based or mission-based innovation, or the design of citizen-centred policy, public services, social interventions and how these purposeful organisations work.




Key Terms: Co-design, participatory design, open challenge framing, design-led reframing, systems thinking, place-based, mission-based innovation, service design, policy design, ethnographic research, user-research.

How can I help you? 


I take a consultative approach to understand your organisation's mission, the issues you are facing and the outcomes you are wanting to achieve. I can work within your team, across consortiums or lead single components where you need the added capability. I can work with you from discovery, across implementation to measurement phases. 

Call or email me to discuss further. 


MELANIE RAYMENT I  +44 (0)7494 936 787